Agency network and local offices careers

With over 755 shipping agencies all over the world, there is always a CMA CGM agency or office to provide shipping services to local customers. Agents are a big part of the company's workforce and are playing a very important role as they are in charge of CMA CGM's commercial and operational activity in local areas. Being "in the field" allows them to understand the customer's need to provide them with the best quality of service.

Providing local expertise by understanding regional markets

agencyIn ports and terminals, CMA CGM teams are coordinating vessels' calls and supervise the loading and unloading operations while keeping constant contact with operating teams at the Group's head-office. In local offices around the world, agents all over the world are mainly focused on two tasks:

  • they are looking for new customers, are in charge of selling the various services related to the shipping line, and are nurturing a long term relationship with the customers while filling up the vessel's capacity
  • they make sure that transport operations and logistics are flowing seamlessly: loading, unloading, positioning, billing, etc.

Managing a worldwide network of local offices

agencyWhile the agents are taking care of the Group's activity on a regional level, the whole agency network is managed at CMA CGM's head office in Marseilles. There, experts are making sure that the 600 local offices are in line with the Group's strategy and help them achieve their objectives.

It is quite common for a CMA CGM employee to experience both the profession of a local agent and another job at the head-office in Marseilles as the Group offers many mobility options to its employees.