Port and terminals careers

Terminals are major element in the container shipping industry as vessels are bound to use them in order to load and unload their cargo. Seamless port operations and quality of service go hand in hand. The CMA CGM Group employs experts through its subsidiaries Terminal Link & CMA Terminals to operate 34 terminals in 20 countries around the world.

Terminal management : strategy, opportunities, and optimization

To support the Group's investment policy in terminals, our staff members:

  • Develop, design, build, and operate high value terminals
  • study the potential investments' projects and good opportunities on existing terminals in order to ensure the Group always offers the best quality of service
  • Optimize the profitability of terminals by negociating the best prices and operating terms with procurements, as well as cargo handling contracts, various port services (tugging, piloting, etc.).

Terminal management is an industry in itself that requires numerous professions (finance, marketing, human resources, operations, equipments, construction, etc.) and asks for employees to always keep an eye out for new opportunities and optimization.