Foundation Prize

In 2007 the CMA CGM Corporate Foundation set up a Prize that is awarded every year by its President, Naïla Saadé, to two associations for their involvement in social or humanitarian actions to help children in need.

2017 winners

The CMA CGM Corporate Foundation awards the SOS Children's Villages France association


Mrs. Naïla Saadé, President of the CMA CGM Corporate Foundation, gave the association SOS Children's Villages France the 2017 CMA CGM Foundation Prize on Thursday December 7, at the CMA CGM Tower in Marseille. This Prize recognizes the extraordinary work that this association carries out on a daily basis for the happiness and the emotional reconstruction of siblings.

SOS Children's Villages France welcomes brothers and sisters, as part of a placement by court order, to allow them to live in a family structure around a mother, called "SOS mother", who supports them on the educational and emotional plans. A complete and dedicated team (director, educator, psychologist...) stands alongside these SOS mothers to help the children rebuild themselves, maintain links with their parents and prepare their future.

Inaugurated in 1972, the SOS Children's Village of Marseille, located in the Roy Park in the 8th arrondissement, has the largest accommodation capacity with about sixty children.

The CMA CGM Corporate Foundation awards the SESOBEL association in Lebanon


The CMA CGM Corporate Foundation presented the Foundation's 2017 Award to the SESOBEL association in recognition of its commitment to children and young people with disabilities and their families.

Founded in 1976, SESOBEL helps children and adolescents with physical, mental or invasive disorders and works with their families for better support. A multidisciplinary team of professionals, specialized educators as well as hundreds of volunteers supervise daily these children and young people from all over of Lebanon, for medical follow-up, rehabilitation and an educational program aiming to develop their capacities and to make them autonomous.

Thus, a help center through work allows these young people to find jobs according to their abilities. In addition, a large center for children and young people with autism has been under construction.

2016 winners

Ceremony Awards: The association PHONAMBULE


Mrs. Naïla Saadé, President of the CMA CGM Corporate Foundation, gave French association PHONAMBULE the 2016 CMA CGM Foundation Prize on Thursday December 8, at the CMA CGM Tower in Marseille. This prize awards the extraordinary work of this association with its musical performances for young children who are hospitalized or disabled.

Since 1998, the PHONAMBULE association has been performing musical interventions for young children in hospitals located in the South of France. It aims at using music as a therapeutic ally, to relieve the suffering of children and participate to their healing.

14 Phonambule artists roam in duos every week throughout the corridors of pediatrics, neonatology, child surgery and Camsp (Center for early medical-social action).

For children, these musical interludes can break up the monotony of their days in hospital beds and help them face their treatment with courage. Each year, the association carries out more than 200 interventions for approximately 15,000 people.

Ceremony Awards: The NGO KAYANY


The CMA CGM Corporate Foundation presented on Thursday, December 22, 2016 the Foundation's 2016 Award to the NGO "KAYANY", whose mission is to educate the most vulnerable Syrian refugee children in Lebanon and to provide psychosocial support in the context of the crisis.

Founded in 2013, in partnership with the (CCECS) of the American University of Beirut, "KAYANY" has developed and built 4 portable schools (GHATA) for direct intervention near the refugee camps in the villages of Bar Elias, Majdel Anjar, Saadnayel in the Lebanese Bekaa valley. These schools, set up on land leased by the NGO to Lebanese owners, are not erected in tents. They are built with separation walls and respectful of the environment.

"KAYANY" also manages in partnership with the MALALA Foundation for 2 schools (Malala Yousafzai is a young Pakistani woman who received the Nobel Prize for her fight against ignorance). These are built and equipped by the MALALA Foundation (2015 and 2016), take care of the Syrian girls from 14 to 18 years old for professional training (caregiver, English, computer and sewing), which will allow them a social reintegration.

2015 winners

Ceremony Awards: The Marseilles association Ambition Cité

CMA CGM Foundation Prize

The President of the CMA CGM Corporate Foundation for Children, Naïla Saadé, presented the 2014 Foundation Prize to the Marseilles association Ambition Cité for its experimental orchestra project in the Frédéric Ozanam School.

In the North of Marseilles, the Ambition Cité association opened in September 2014 the Frederic Ozanam School, an experimental elementary school aimed at excellence by placing the child and his parents at the heart of a challenging educational project. With 30 children since the beginning of the 2015 school year, the Frédéric Ozanam School started in November an innovative “school orchestra” project in partnership with the Demos association supported by ‘Philharmonie de Paris’.

Each child received the musical instrument of their choice and can learn to play, in class and at home, with the goal of playing in a classical orchestra.

Ceremony Awards: the Lebanese association TAHADDI

CMA CGM Foundation Prize

The CMA CGM Corporate Foundation awarded its annual prize on December 22nd in Beirut to the TAHADDI association for their educative and medico-social work that since 2009 has benefited some 2,000 vulnerable children.

Established since 2009, TAHADDI helps Lebanese people living in unhealthy slums and, since 2013, Syrian refugee families. The association runs an education and medico-social center where it takes in vulnerable children who for economic or social reasons are excluded from state schools.

2014 winners

Ceremony Awards: PREMA (Le Pradet - Var)

Prix de la fondation 2014

The President of the CMA CGM Corporate Foundation for Children, Naïla Saadé, will present on Thursday, December 11, 2014, at the head office of the CMA CGM Group, the 2014 Foundation Prize to the Representatives of the association PREMA, distinguished for its great work with children victims of abuse.

The PREMA association works for the reconstruction and the re-socialization of children aged 6 to 14, victims of serious abuse, arriving at the association in real emotional distress following judicial placement measures. The association welcomes them full time within two family houses, allowing them to regain personal stability in a place conducive to harmony.

Ceremony Awards: Lebanese Autism Society (LAS)

Fondation CMA CGM

On December 22, 2014, the Chair of The CMA CGM Corporate Foundation, Mrs. Naïla Saadé, handed over the Foundation annual Prize to the Lebanese Autism Society (LAS) at the head office of CMA CGM Liban and Merit.

Founded in 1999 by the parents of autistic children, the Lebanese Autism Society is a forerunner in the field of care to these children in Lebanon and in the Middle East. LAS advocates for the right of autistic children, from their early childhood till adulthood, and provides them with assistance and support through a specialized educational program.

2013 winners

In 2013 the Prize was awarded to the Trisomy 21 Bouches-du-Rhône association (France) and the Institute for Audio-Phonetic Reeducation (Lebanon).

Ceremony awards: Trisomy 21 Bouches-du-Rhône association

  • Prix de la fondation CMA CGM Trisomie 21
  • Prix de la fondation CMA CGM Trisomie 21

In Marseille, the 2013 CMA CGM Foundation Prize was awarded to the Trisomy 21 association. This association gathers parents, people with Down syndrome, and health professionals. The association offers children affected by this syndrome both rehabilitative and therapeutic activities from an early age. It also helps them in choosing their life's path in order to diversify their possibilities for social integration: childcare center, access to school, vocational training, work, leisure, and cultural activities.

The association will use the Foundation Prize in order to furnish and equip an apartment aimed to promote independence for young people with Down syndrome.

Institute for Audio-Phonetic Reeducation in Lebanon

  • Prix de la fondation CMA CGM Trisomie 21
  • Prix de la fondation CMA CGM Trisomie 21

In Lebanon, the CMA CGM Corporate Foundation awarded the 2013 Prize to the Audio-Phonetic Reeducation Institute (IRAP), which has been offering for more than 50 years special education and medical assistance to deaf children. More than a hundred deaf children aged 3 to 18 thus benefit each year from the association's services.

The Prize will serve to acquire hearing aids for underprivileged children cared for by the association.

2012 and previous years’ Winners

  • Arts et Développement
  • AFEL
  • In 2012, the CMA CGM Corporate Foundation recognised the innovative work of Arts et Développement an association that for 24 years has been offering creative workshops in public places in Marseille to underprivileged children. To date more 30 workshops have been set up in different disadvantaged suburbs in Marseille as well as in other areas in France—in the departments of Bouches-du-Rhône, Var, Vaucluse, Moselle, and Savoie, as well as in the Paris region—benefiting 6,000 children per year. These street art residencies run by artists, encourage children to develop their creativity and thereby contribute to restoring a social link in deprived areas.
  • In Lebanon the Foundation awarded the 2012 Prize to the Lebanese child home association (AFEL), which has been helping children with social or educational difficulties as well as abused children. AFEL’s multi-disciplinary teams provide support to more than 500 children a year.

Fondation CMA CGM

  • In 2011 the Foundation was moved by the work of Scouts Arc-en-ciel (Rainbow Scouts), led by CMA CGM employee Thierry Bonnetête. This scout troop is the only one in France that provides Scout activities and outdoor excursions to children with various disabilities in a suitable and specially adapted setting.
  • In 2011, the CMA CGM Corporate Foundation recognised the work of the Lebanese Association for Protection of War Children (APEG). Founded in 1996, its mission is to help children who suffer from psychological disorders or who are victims of abuse and whose families are not able to afford a treatment. Over the past 15 years, 6,000 children, teenagers and young adults have benefited from almost 40,000 free consultations.
  • The Sourire à la Vie association was founded in 2006 by Frédéric Sotteau and is chaired by Jean-Claude Gentet, paediatric oncologist at La Timone Hospital.
    The Sourire à la Vie association supports children who are being treated in hospital for cancer by organizing sports and arts activities. Conducted in close contact with the medical teams, the approach helps the children build self-confidence and aids their rehabilitation and readjustment. It also helps them to create social bonds and share recreational experiences with other sick children.
    In five years the association has helped around a hundred hospitalized children, by arranging art courses, sports coaching, boat trips, ski outings and dance workshops.
  • La Bourguette, in Pertuis, which supports autistic children in specialised settings.
    Since 1973, the La Bourguette association has set up five living facilities serving autistic children and adults in South of France's Vaucluse and Var departments. These institutions have taken in over 135 residents with autistic or psychotic disorders. More than 200 professionals—specialised teachers, doctors, and psychologists—help them to realise their potential by putting work at the centre of their life plans.
    Since 2008, the association has been involved in an innovative project in Avignon to care for the very young, from 18 months to eight years old, who have autism or multiple-disabilities.
  • La Voix de la Femme Libanaise (Voice of Lebanese Women) in Beirut (Lebanon). The Prize has helped to fund a community healthcare centre for underprivileged children in the Fanar district of Beirut.
    La Voix de la Femme Libanaise was founded by Lily Sara and started its work on social, medical and educational projects in the 1970s. Today the association continues its work in the Fanar and Aïn el-Remmaneh districts helping children from disadvantaged families in Lebanon gain access to education.