Since 2005, the Foundation has supported about 200 associations in the social and humanitarian sectors. Focus on two major projects supported by the CMA CGM Corporate Foundation...

Espace Méditerranéen de l’Adolescence (Mediterranean space for teenagers)

EMA - Espace Méditerranéen de l’Adolescence

The CMA CGM Corporate Foundation is one of the largest private partners of the Espace Méditerranéen de l’Adolescence (EMA), which opened on 28 June 2012.

The Foundation has been following every phase of this particularly innovative project from conception to completion. It has contributed to the fitting out and equipping of a cultural space which is an integral part of the treatment that will be offered here.

The EMA is an innovative hospital facility, set up on the renovated Salvator Hospital by the Assistance Publique–Hôpitaux de Marseille organisation on the initiative of Professor Marcel Rufo. Realising that adolescence is a decisive moment in anyone's life in terms of psychological, social, emotional and cognitive development, the facility's mission is to care for teenagers with illnesses by meeting specific treatment needs for those aged 11 to 25. Culture including artistic expression, sport and education, are an integral part of the treatment plan here.

Thanks to the CMA CGM Corporate Foundation’s contribution, the Cultural Facility has been properly equipped with a gym, dance room, a room filled with clothes to try on, a media centre and four multi-purpose art rooms (drawing, visual arts, etc.).

To learn more read the press release and the press report about the opening of the Espace Méditerranéen de l'Adolescence.

Download the presse release about the opening of the Espace Méditerranéen de l'Adolescence

La Voix de la Femme Libanaise (The Voice of the Lebanese Woman)

Voix de la Femme Libanaise

La Voix de la Femme Libanaise was founded in the 1970s by Lily Sara in Beirut (Lebanon). It works on social, medical and educational projects. Very active during the war, today the association continues its mission in the Fanar and Aïn el-Remmaneh districts to help children from disadvantaged families gain access to education. The Fanar community and health centre was able to move into a newly outfitted and equipped location in 2009 thanks to the support of the CMA CGM Corporate Foundation.

A medical team of doctors and nurses serves the neighbourhood's residents who do not have health insurance. In addition, social services for families are available at the centre or at people's homes. Academic support and clubs offering various educational, sports, and cultural activities are provided to children.

Marie Sfeir

Vice-Presidente of La Voix de la Femme Libanaise

The Fanar Health and Community Centre, established in 1984 in a small temporary location in one of Lebanon's poorest areas, was able, thanks to the CMA CGM Foundation, to expand and move into this magnificent building that today hosts a clinic, a dental clinic, and above all this Recreational Centre for young people, which is the pride of the neighbourhood and helps get young people off the streets. On behalf of all the neighbourhood's residents, we would like to express our deep gratitude to the CMA CGM Foundation, which helped the Voix de la Femme Libanaise organisation make the Fanar Centre into the neighbourhood's beating heart.

Other projects that have received support

► “Promoting equal opportunities for children from disadvantaged backgrounds”

Improvement of the reception areas and of the psychological support of isolated minors in the streets or placed by the childhood social services (“Aide Sociale à l’Enfance”).

Acquisition of musical instruments as part of a social support program called « Harmonie Cités » based on the collective learning of orchestra music.

Les Apprentis d’Auteuil
Development of a green rooftop at the “Maison des familles”, a reception, meeting and exchanges venue for children and parents.

Fraternité Belle de Mai
Arrangement and equipment of a multi-activity field initiated by secondary school students from the Belle de Mai neighborhood (Marseilles, France), who will also follow the project.

L’Ecole des Pointes
Acquisition of sports material for the animation of athletics activities in order to encourage talents detection and access to sports in sensitive areas.

Renovation and equipment of the kitchen and laundry room of a foster institution for teenagers in great difficulty

Association Sportive et Culturelle La Castellane
Acquisition of a minibus allowing the neighborhood’s children to have access to diverse leisure activities.

Coup de Pouce
Acquisition of Coup de Pouce packages containing playful and educative material for children to learn how to read in order to prevent premature school dropout.

Centre Social de Culture Ouvrière
Acquisition and equipment of a minibus serving as a mobile annex to Sainte Marthe Social Center.

L’institut Télémaque
Funding of scholarships for 5 secondary school high potential pupils from sensitive neighborhoods; This project includes in-business tutoring and support from an educational referent.

Société Saint Vincent de Paul
Renovation and modernization of the library to transform it into a Documentation center.

Acquisition of digital tablets and books, and educational software dedicated to digital learning in public libraries and the bus-library (Kotobus) of the association.

Association Dar Al Amal
Acquisition of laptops and tablets that will benefit vulnerable youth and children who are not enrolled in school, introducing them to digital.

Centre Mar Semaan
Equipment of a library in the boarding school which welcomes 90 young people in social and/or familial difficulty.

Center for Development Democracy and Governance
Renovation of numerous study areas in an orphanage in Tripoli which hosts 120 children.

Annas Linnas
Acquisition of a school bus allowing young Syrian refugees settled in the region to have access to school and participate to leisure and sports activities. This bus will also be useful for food aid distribution.

Ambition Cité, Marseilles
Acquisition of 30 musical instruments for the launch of an orchestra school within course Frederic Ozanam, experimental school combating school failure in neighborhoods North of Marseille.

ALC, Nice
Creation a bottle-feeding preparation room in the Maternal Centre, which welcomes young women in precarious situation and their young children.

Secours Populaire, Fédération des Bouches-du-Rhône
Financing of a vacation day (Journée des Oubliés des Vacances ) for 500 underprivileged children of the Bouches-du-Rhône.

ADDAP 13, Marseilles
Financing of a vehicle for a prevention program against school drop-outs for the middle-schools of the North of Marseilles neighborhoods.

Habitat Alternatif Social, Marseilles
Development of accommodation for homeless young couples and their children.

Arborescence, Marseilles
Acquisition of IT material for the digital Espace de Médiation for children in the North of Marseilles neighborhoods.

Petitapeti, Marseilles
Renovation of the association property which welcomes children for educational and cultural activities and school support.

Croco’Lire, Arles
Financing of a project for illiteracy prevention among young children from families with no access to reading.

Môm’Arles, Arles
Financing of furniture and games for the extra-curricular activities of children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Ecole des Parents et des Educateurs des Bouches-du-Rhône, Marseilles
Development of a Meeting Area for the maintenance of family ties between a child and his parents, when visiting rights are interrupted by the judge of Family Affairs.

Sel de la Terre, Sebeel, Lebanon
Acquisition of digital whiteboards for Rachel Eddé School, North of the Lebanon.

Tahaddi, Beirut, Lebanon
Development of an educational project and a community health center for Lebanese and Syrian families in precarious situations in the suburbs of Beirut.

Cobiac, Lebanon
Creation of a library in Hermel in the North of Lebanon.

SICHEM, Toulon
Funding school equipment and the tuition and fees of 33 Rom children hosted by the association.

Arts et Développement, Marseilles (Foundation prize in 2012)
Association which conducts artistic workshops in public spaces of the Marseilles neighborhoods for the benefit of the most disadvantaged children.

ALPHA (Lebanese Association for Human Promotion and literacy), South Lebanon
Funding of a mobile library for children in the villages of South Lebanon.

Destination Familles, Marseilles
Participated in the rehabilitation of the new premises designed to provide educational activities for underprivileged children in the Noailles neighborhood in Marseilles.

René Moawad Foundation, Lebanon
Assisted in the construction of a playground for underprivileged youth.

Association Massabielle, Marseilles
Helped fund the construction of Maison Bernadette, a community center in the Lauriers housing project (Malpassé, 13th arrondissement).

Beirut Dance Studio, Lebanon
Funding for a project to offer professional dance training to underprivileged children (Beirut Dance Project).

Relais Enfants-Parents, Marseilles
Housing and transportation for children visiting parents in the Baumettes Prison.

La Voix de la Femme Libanaise, Lebanon (Foundation Prize in 2008)
Assistance in the construction of a health center in Beirut.

Offre Joie, Lebanon
Construction of a sport playground and a multi-purpose room.

Habitat Alternatif Social, Marseilles
Creation of a kindergarten in a home for young single mothers.

French Red Cross, Lebanon
Aid for displaced people due to the 2006 war in Lebanon.

► Encourage the personal development of children with disabilities

Association 13 Accessible
Creation a smartphone application for handicapped youths to enable them to locate themselves, and to view the accessible leisure, cultural and sport locations.

Institut Médico-Educatif Mont Riant (Marseille)
Acquisition of alternative communication tools for mentally ill children and teenagers who cannot use clear speech or cannot speak at all.

ADAPEI Var Méditerranée (Pierrefeu du Var)
Development of a safe home for autistic children.

Association Le Pas (Caderousse, Vaucluse)
Purchase of a vehicle seating nine, to allow children suffering from any kind of mental disorders, to access recreational and adapted physical activities.

Agir et vivre l’autisme (Marseille)
Equipment of a classroom "as in school" with teaching material intended for autistic children.

Les Amis du CAMSP d’Aubagne
Development of an outside work space for motor skills development which welcomes children with physical or mental development disorder.

Association La Bourguette (Montfavet, Vaucluse)
Acquisition of tablets and software suitable for children with autism.

Association Phonambule (Rians, Var)
Musical duos, in the form of mini-concerts for infants suffering from any kind of mental disorders.

Al Younbouh, Liban
Provision of a Snoezelen room for children with mental deficiency and from disadvantaged backgrounds.


Provision of a kindergarten for children with Down syndrome and mental disability.

Centre de la Providence Divine, Liban
Equipment of the kitchen used as professional workshop for pastries which welcomes children suffering from mental disabilities or Down syndrome.

Orphan Welfare Society – OWS, Liban
Purchase of 400 musical instruments for children suffering from different disabilities, with the objective to help them reduce aggressiveness and stress.

Bishmizzine High School, Liban
Acquisition of 2 interactive whiteboards, software and educational games for "Slow Learners" suffering from average or slight mental disabilities and learning difficulties.

North Autism Center, Liban
Provision of a Sensory work out room for autistic children.

Arc-en-Ciel, Taanayel, Lebanon
Schooling for Lebanese and Syrian children with disabilities in a specialized center of the Bekaa.

IRAP (Institut de Rééducation Audio-Phonétique), Lebanon, (Foundation prize in 2013)
Financing of hearing aids for disadvantaged children of the association.

Trisomie 21 Bouches-du-Rhône, Marseilles (Foundation prize in 2013)
Development of a pedagogical apartment for children of the association.

Zim Zam, Marseilles
Acquisition of a vehicle intended to facilitate the Organization of suitable circus workshops.

La Chrysalide (IME Les Figuiers), Marseilles
Development of a teaching kitchen suitable for children with multiple disabilities and autism.

Association Fouque (Institut Saint-Ange), Avignon
Acquisition of sports equipment and a dojo for the future equipment of the building.

Friends of the Disabled Association, Lebanon
Equipment and development of a sensory stimulation room "snoezelen" for autistic children.

Rayon d’espoir Lebanon
Development of a games room for children with mental disabilities.

Foyer de la Providence (école Mosaïk) Lebanon
Development of a covered porch in the courtyard of the school for developmentally challenged children.

SESOBEL (Social Service for the welfare of the child in Lebanon), Lebanon
Refitting of a chocolate factory for the professional rehabilitation of disabled people which offers auto-financing opportunities for the association's activities.

The Lebanese Society for the Blind and Deaf, Baabda – Lebanon
The Foundation has funded a playing field for goal-ball (football adapted for the bling).

Scouts Arc-en-Ciel, Marseilles (Foundation prize in 2011)
Support for the renovation of the premises of this Scout troop composed of young people with disabilities.

Association ABA-Apprendre Autrement, Carros
Helped finance the purchase of educational material for "Les Côteaux d’Azur", a medical-educational institute for autistic children in Carros (Alpes-Maritimes).

Mira Europe, l'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue
Helped fund the purchase of service dogs for young blind persons.

Défi Sport, Marseilles
Purchased a minivan for disabled Défi Sport members so that they can participate in adapted sports activities.

Handicap International, Lebanon
Provided disability-specific equipment and customizing of homes for people injured by mines (South Lebanon).

Association Soliane, Marseilles
Production of a resource guide for parents of children with developmental disorders (TED).

► Improve the quality of life for ill children and children victim of trauma

Tout le Monde contre le Cancer
Supporting the operation "Toques en Truck", a stopover at the Aix hospital for culinary activities, in the company of famous chefs for children with cancer and their families.

PREMA – Protection, Résilience, Education, Médiation, Art-thérapie
Acquisition of of a 9-seater vehicle for school transportation, cultural outings, meetings with social workers, placement hearings, parent/child meetings, children victims of severe ill-treatment housed by the association.

SOS Villages d’Enfants
Creation of a Family House for parent-child meetings located in the SOS village of Marseille, where siblings are placed on a long-term basis by court order.

Sourire à la Vie
Equipment of the Phare des Sourires in Marseilles, a day-care center, a sports and leisure center, an all-inclusive accommodation, for the care and rehabilitation of children with cancer, being treated, in remission or in palliative care.

Compagnie Après la Pluie
Production of 1,000 video books and the creation, printing and production of books based on the stories made by hospitalized children with cancer during the association's visits to the hospital.

Héroïc Séjours
Acquisition of sound, light, projection of images, sets, costumes and accessories and computer equipment for individual and collective sessions which consist in proposing to children to create or participate in a fantastic story of which they are the heroes.

Le Gai Rire
Acquisition of office and computer equipment, musical instruments, accessories and costumes for clown interventions mainly at the CHU Nord de Marseille’s mother-child wing.

Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque
Preoperative and postoperative check-ups, surgery, ambulance transport at La Timone hospital for two children with severe heart disease from countries where they can’t be taken care of.

CHANCE (CHildren AgaiNst CancEr)
Funding of treatment of newborn babies, children and young Lebanese as well as (since 2011) Syrian and Iraqi refugees who suffer from cancer (blood diseases, Lymphomas, Leukemia) at Hôtel Dieu de France.

Funding of surgery at the Hôtel-Dieu hospital in Beirut of 10 children (newborn and young Lebanese, Syrian and Iraqi children) born with heart defects.

Participation of the acquisition of a CT SCAN for the Pediatric Service of the Hospital of Quarantine in Beirut, whose diagnosis makes it possible to avoid the risks of handicap in premature infants and hospitalized children suffering from heart birth defects.

Mission de vie
Creation of a room allowing young victims of trauma and living in a crisis situation to neutralize their aggressiveness with music, television, painting and various games.

Les Enfants de la Méditerranée (L.E.M.)
Support of a social program of initiation to circus arts aimed at Syrian refugee children, who dropped out of school, in 8 camps located in South Lebanon.

HAMAP, Kobayat, Lebanon
Strengthening of the pediatric ward of Our Lady of Peace hospital in Kobayat, near the Syrian border.

La Chaîne de l’Espoir, PACA Region
Financing of the care and housing for 5 foreign children with cardiac issues.

A Petits Sons, Marseilles
Acquisition of musical instruments for 200 children in pediatric services.

Sol en Si, Marseilles
'Balanced diet' project for 150 children and their families affected by HIV and/or HCV.

Zébra, Marseilles
Acquisition of computer equipment and furniture for teenagers taken in charge by the association.

Himaya, Beirut
Equipment of a center for children victims of physical and sexual abuse.

Renovation of a pediatric ward for infants and premature infants in the Hôpital de la Quarantaine.

Brave Heart Fund, Beirut
Financing of surgical operations for children suffering from heart disease.

AFEL (Association du Foyer de l’Enfant Libanais), Lebanon (Foundation Prize in 2012)
Support to child victims of abuse, in social or school failure situations.

Espace Méditerranéen de l’Adolescence, Marseilles
Development of a cultural space in the EMA, hospital for teenagers created in collaboration with Professor Marcel Rufo on the premises of the Hôpital Salvator.

Association for the Protection of Children of War, Lebanon (Foundation prize in 2011)
Free psychological care for children in difficulty.

Centre Interrégional des Grands Brûlés, Hôpital de la Conception, Marseilles
Financing of a special Mother-Child sterile room.

Sourire à la Vie, Marseilles (Foundation Prize in 2010)
Support for the project "De l’Hôpital au Grand Bleu" which consists in organizing Mediterranean catamaran cruises for children suffering from cancer, who are hospitalized at the Hospital de la Timone.

Médecins du Monde
Buddy program for hospitalized children.

Parole d’enfant, Marseilles
An association helping abused children.

Le Rire Médecin, Marseilles
Bedside visits by professional clowns for children in La Timone Hospital.